Content marketing for the win.

Content marketing has become the most effective and efficient way for biz-nesses [big or small] to increase their online presence.

Consistently delivering relevant content to your audience via your social channels, will in-turn deliver connection, brand affinity [and purchase] and brand loyalty.

Each piece of content should serve a purpose to ensure you build a compelling base. We see it a lot, the pressure our clients feel to post for the sake of posting. If you’re not adding any value [we’ll talk more about this] don’t post. It’s that simple.

Content that serves your audience is what you’re aiming to deliver #whiskktribe.

When it comes to adding value, think...

  • Value-add, tangible tips and tricks
  • Informational
  • New news
  • Knowledge-sharing
  • A little fun-filled goodness

How do you create compelling content?

A greater understanding of your audience, understanding their attitudes, behaviours and what channels they use will set you up for success.

If you can understand intimately the people you’re talking to, you can show-up and add-value. Getting to this point can be a little tricky, so with this in mind, now might be the time to consider the importance of having a content strategy in place.

Without a content strategy it can be really difficult to navigate and determine who your audience is, and ultimately what value they’re looking for.

Let alone, what they need you to write about, when is the best time to post and how do you measure it [time is energy, so invest wisely and set yourself up for success].

Like all things whiskk, our content strategies are jam-packed with social goodness, they include:

A digital marketing plan with key objectives and a focus on activity and lead generation. We’re big on results, and ensuring the tangible commercial goals are front and centre. After all if you don’t deliver results, why bother.

An audit of your current social media and marketing channels to understand what's working and what can be optimised.

Content and audience themes to direct future communications to springboard any content bank.

We tailor our approach entirely to you and craft monthly content plans designed to maximise your organic objectives, with optional paid activity to increase your reach and bolster results [but PLEASE stay away from the boost button friends].

If you're after quality customer insights and content creation to deliver results every time, now’s the time to #giveitawhiskk.